UK Fitness Bloggers are proud to present their first ever virtual 5k, taking place in January rods2016, raising funds for RODS Racing to help them raise money for orphans with Down’s Syndrome. This event will be held in January, so sign up now, beat the Christmas bloat and walk/jog/run 5k at your own pace in January. Sign up here, or read on for more information. Successful finishers will receive a fantastic (real) medal!


Why a virtual 5k?

Virtual races are getting more and more popular and we think they’re a great idea! You can take part regardless of where you are and at a time that’s convenient for you. You can also join the private Facebook group for support, banter and friendly competition. We’ll also be organising a group run in London for anyone who can make it, but the run can be completed anyway you like, any time in January.


I’ve never run 5k before!

Well, no time like the present! 5k is the perfect distance for the new runner and as the distance can be completed any time in January, you have plenty of time to build up to the distance. We recommend the NHS Couch to 5k plan as it starts off with a mixture of walking and jogging, before finally building up to running 5k. You’ll be amazed at your progress.


I can’t run it. Can I walk 5k?

Of course! The beauty of a virtual 5k is that there are no limits. Run it, jog it, walk it, do all three – it’s entirely up to you.


Can anyone take part?

Yes. This event is organised by UK Fitness Bloggers, but it isn’t restricted to bloggers and is welcome to anyone who wants to take on a Virtual 5k run. However, we will be organising a “link up” for bloggers if they want to blog about their run! We’d also love it if this event inspires anyone to get blogging, but it’s not compulsory.


How do I log my run?

We will email all participants in January with details of a Google spreadsheet. When you’ve completed your run, simply add your name, date of run and time taken to the sheet. This helps us to keep track of who has earned their medal.


Sounds awesome. How much is it?

The event is £10 + £1.49 booking fee. We will be donating £3.50 from each donation to Rods Racing and everyone who successfully completes and logs their time will also receive an exclusive medal, which will be sent out in February after the event is finished. Registered runners will also have access to the private Facebook group for support. International runners are also welcome at a slightly increased cost. Please select this option at check out.


Is there a corporate or group rate?

YES! We’re pleased to announce a special rate where if you have 10 runners, you can choose the corporate/group rate of £80, meaning that you save on 2 entries. Even better, Personal Trainer & Run Leader Mollie Millington will lead your group on a 5k run free of charge, if you are based in the London area.


Can I see the medal?

Yes, here it is! It’s subject to some small tweaks (year to be added), but isn’t it cool?


Cool, I’m sold. Where can I enter?

Excellent. Register at our Eventbrite page and good luck!




HelenOctober 28, 2015 at 2:50 pm

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