And it’s time for another Friday Feature! This week, we catch up with Laura from Fat 2 Fit. Laura tweets @laura_fat2fit and is currently training for the Great North Run. She chats to us honestly about her journey to fitness.


How did you get into blogging?
I used to be an avid reader of blogs – I was just starting to lose weight at the time andlaurafat2fit found it helpful reading weight loss, fitness and health blogs to gather tips and motivation on my journey. I was always unsure of whether anyone would want to hear my story through weight loss and therefore didn’t start my blog until I plucked up the courage about a third of the way through. I really do wish I’d started sooner rather than putting it off!


Why do you enjoy blogging?
My blog has always sort of been a diary to keep myself accountable during my weight loss journey. It was a way for me to journal what I was doing, what was working and what wasn’t and it kept me on track. At the same time, I also hoped that sharing my journey would inspire and motivate others to make a positive change in their lives and hoped that it would benefit others that were struggling on their journey.

It has also allowed me to interact with so many like minded fitness/health enthusiasts who have helped to inspire and motivate me on a daily basis!


What do you enjoy about keeping fit?
I can’t say I have always enjoyed getting/keeping fit. I was obese and sitting at around 255 lbs. When I first started exercising, it was dreadful, I didn’t enjoy it at all. It almost felt like more of a chore and it was HARD WORK! Eventually, my fitness improved and I started seeing positive changes in my body, this is when I started to enjoy exercising more. I was able to start running, which challenged me and I would feel a sense of accomplishment after every run. I enjoy the challenge of exercise, setting goals and trying to accomplish them. Plus, I always feel great after exercise, it helps me feel energized and ready for the day ahead.

Exercise and staying fit has now become a way of life. After losing 100 lbs through exercise(and healthier food choices), I know how important it is to maintain a certain level of exercise to keep the weight off but it’s now something that has become part of my routine and something I look forward to doing as opposed to only doing it because I have to.


What’s your favourite form of exercise?

I want to say running 100%, but I have a love hate relationship with it! Actually getting up and going out for a run is HARD and I hate having to get out of a warm bed and hitting the pavements on a cold crisp morning. However, I LOVE how I feel after a run. You feel energized and have a sense of accomplishment and it sets you off for a great day.

Yoga is also a close favourite of mine. I enjoy the peacefulness of yoga and being able to come home after a stressful day at work, getting on the mat and zoning out! Yoga also has challenges of its own, poses take a lot of practice in order to master them and there is always something to work towards.


Have you any fitness goals?
I am doing the Great North Run in September, so as far as short term goals are concerned, I’d love to get a PB, which would be anything less than 2 hrs 18 mins – I would love 2 hrs 10 mins – but I’m really just aiming to run the whole thing without stopping to walk!

With regards to long term goals – I would like to at least do 1 marathon in my life(probably the only one I will do as I hate long distance running ;) ) – I’m in the London Marathon ballot this year.. so this might be done sooner than I thought, we’ll see.

Other than that, I’d like to do a triathlon. I’ve been learning to swim this year, so it would be a massive accomplishment to complete one!


What’s your advice for people wanting to get into exercise?

Find an activity/workout that you love to do! There’s nothing worse than doing something you hate. Find something that gets you excited and looking forward to doing! It might be a lot of trial and error but there will eventually be something that you love doing and it will make you feel empowered and have you feeling great about yourself!

Take things slow – Don’t jump in at the deep end and try to do everything all at once. It will just burn you out and it wont be able to maintain it in the long run – that goes for food and exercise! Build a solid foundation with a routine that is sustainable and then add from there!


Thanks Laura and good luck with your training!

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