This week, we’re talking to the awesome Corey from Learning Patience, an American expat living in London. She talks to us about coming back from injury to beat a half marathon and why you never regret a workout. She tweets @CoreyLearn.

How did you get into blogging? 

I started blogging 4 years ago when my husband and I left our lives in Houston, TX to Corey Runsbecome expats and live on the island of Trinidad.  I wasn’t allowed to work there so I had a lot of time on my hands and  I wanted to way to show our friends and families what our new life was like without having to post it all on Facebook every five minutes.  Plus, I’ve always loved cooking and taking photos, so it seemed like perfect outlet for me.  Which is funny because I had literally, never read a blog before starting mine…let’s just say I’ve learned A LOT over the years (most of it the hard way)!

Why do you enjoy blogging? 

My blog is my creative outlet, my tiny little corner of the Internet.  I never started it to be famous or have a million followers, I started it to have this amazing memory of our life and our experiences, then along the way it’s became a bit more.  While living in Trinidad, almost 3 years ago, I suffered a traumatic foot injury, I crushed my right foot in the bottom of a pool.   While my foot was healing, I got very sick.  When I finally went to the hospital, I was told that a couple more hours and I could have gone into a coma and died.  I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 33.  It’s not genetic and I did nothing to get it, I’m just very unlucky.  As I started to get used to my “new” life of insulin injections and blood sugar testing, I was told my foot needed a huge 4hr long surgery and I might never run again.  It was the hardest year of my life.  But the amazing thing was I had the blog to share my experiences and my day to day struggles, it was a life saver.   An expats life is fun but  you give up a lot of the support system you’ve built your whole leglife and when something really scary happens you are left to figure out a way to deal with it somehow.  As I started the painful recovery process, I blogged about it all, the good, bad and ugly.   I’d been blogging to help myself through a rough time but when I finally ran my 1st post surgery half marathon, people wrote to me and said they felt motivated and inspired to workout.  That was the best feeling ever and that’s when I realized that you never know who is reading your blog and what change you might inspire in them.  That’s why I enjoy blogging…

What do you enjoy about keeping fit?

I was raised in a very fun, athletic and competitive family so keeping fit wasn’t seen as a chore but more as something fun to do.  I absolutely love challenging myself with new fitness goals and then working hard to try and accomplish them.  Keeping fit also helps calm my stress level, keeping me feeling relaxed and centered. Corey Color Run


What’s your favourite form of exercise? 

Running.  I started running 6 years ago and before that, you couldn’t have paid me to run around the block.  Now, I couldn’t imagine my life without running.  Everyone is different, the goal is to find a form of exercise you love – hiking, yoga, weight lifting, biking, running, etc…  When you find it, it won’t feel like a chore anymore and you’ll be a 100 times more likely to keep doing it and better yet, you’ll be having FUN too!  Fun is kinda my life theme if you haven’t noticed by now…lol


Have you any fitness goals? 

On August 15th I’m participating with 7 other UK Fitness Bloggers in the 24 hour relay – Spitfire Scramble.  I’ll be running 3 laps (5.9 miles each) in 24 hours.  This race will be the most I’ve ever ran in 24 hours before and I’ve never ran a race at night either so I’m SUPER pumped up about it!

Long term goals – Sub 1:58 hr half marathon, sub 54 min 10k and a sub 24 min 5k

What’s your advice for people wanting to get into exercise? 

Stop thinking of exercise as something boring or tedious.  Make it fun and start out a little at a time.  When I started running, my husband would drive me to the park and we would run 2 blocks and then he would drive us home,I’m not even joking.  Then each time, we’d run a bit further and slowly, I was ready and excited to sign up for my 1st 5k.  Try all kinds of things out until you find something you love to do and watch on deal sites like Groupon for discount passes to a class you might want to try.  And finally, remember you never regret a workout, ever.


Thanks Corey for an inspiring read. We can’t wait to run with you in August!

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